Hi everyone,


I'm looking forward to meeting you all on Feb 18th. It sounds like you are going to be doing some interesting and exciting work this semester. I'm thrilled to be a small part of it!


During my visit to your class, we will talk about three fictional representations of William Shakespeare that are each presented in a different medium: print, film, and social media. As you explore these texts, think about the ways in which different media might or might not influence the way the character (Shakespeare) is or can be represented.


Here are the materials I'd like you to read/watch to prepare for my visit to your class:


First, take a look at the beginning of Anthony Burgess' 1964 novel Nothing LIke the Sun: A Story of Shakespeare's Love Life. This pdf contains the first three chapters - about 20 pages or so. It can seem a little daunting at first, but give it a go. It's really a great piece of writing.

Burgess - Nothing Like the Sun (Excerpt)

Also, I'd like you to watch the 1998 film Shakespeare in Love. It's available on Netflix:



If you don't have access to Netflix, you can watch these clips instead (but it would be great if you could see the whole thing):


Finally, if you have time, check out this Twitter page.



See you all soon!